What is a Pregnancy Resource Center

What is a Pregnancy Resource Center

Pregnancy Resource Center’s are Clinic’s that are available to be your first step in your unexpected pregnancy. Pregnancy Centers are unique in that they exist specifically to be a resource of information for you. They do not profit from your decision. Pregnancy Resource Centers are here to support you in a non-judgmental, non-coercive environment. Staff are trained and educated regarding all pregnancy choices and  outcomes. This training is so that they can provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your unique situation. One of the benefits of going to a Pregnancy Resource Center is that there is no pressure to make any particular decision. The decision is up to you.  

What can a Pregnancy Resource Center offer me

Pregnancy Resource Center’s provide a wide variety of services to address your needs. They are available for you at the beginning of your pregnancy, during your decision making process regarding the outcome of your pregnancy, and after your pregnancy. As you start your pregnancy journey, center’s often offer pregnancy tests and limited ultrasounds to confirm the viability of your pregnancy. They often provide options counseling to discuss any or all of the options you are considering for your pregnancy including abortion, adoption, or parenting.

While you are deciding on the outcome of your pregnancy, resource centers will often continue to provide limited ultrasounds. They offer this to assist in your decision making in addition to simply being there to support you and discuss your situation.

Some center’s also offer STD testing, parenting classes if you choose to parent, and support if you choose adoption. Regardless of the outcome you choose for your pregnancy, these centers continue to provide support after your pregnancy as well. If you choose to abort your pregnancy, some centers offer post-abortion support. If you choose to parent, some centers offer parenting classes and material assistance.

Why should I go to a Pregnancy Resource Center? 

Regardless of what option you choose for the outcome of your pregnancy, Pregnancy Resource Center’s are here to support you. The outcome of your pregnancy is a life changing decision for you. These centers are available to talk with you about abortion, adoption, and parenting and to educate you about all of your options. Because their role is specifically to be a resource of information for you, they will not to pressure you into any decision. They are equipped with answers and resources for you and your situation.  Contact your local Pregnancy Resource Center today so they can walk with you through your situation