How Much Does an Abortion Cost in Ohio?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, one option you may be considering is an abortion. There are many factors to think through before making this decision, including timing and location of your pregnancy, and what an abortion will cost. It is important to remember there are more than just financial costs involved in an abortion decision. 

Financial Costs

Before deciding to have an abortion, you need to first know how far along you are in your pregnancy. The timing of your pregnancy will determine how much the abortion will cost.

Medical abortions, also known as the abortion pill take place up to ten weeks in to the pregnancy. They are generally less expensive and less invasive than a surgical abortion.

A surgical abortion may take place any time after six weeks, and increases in cost the farther into the pregnancy you are. This is because surgical abortions are more invasive, require more time spent at the clinic, involve more medical personnel, and take longer than medical abortions.

Besides the type of procedures, there are other financial costs to consider. Your doctor may prescribe medications to take after the abortion, and recovery times can vary based on the type of abortion and how your body reacts to it. 

Additionally, you might need to consider how much time you may need to take off of work. You may need to take off the day of your abortion procedure and may need time off afterwards to recover. Keep in mind your recovery may take longer than anticipated with either the medical or surgical abortion as many people experience side effects. A longer recovery time will mean more time off of work.

Finally, factor in the cost of potentially needing to drive some distance to a facility that provides an abortion. If it is far from where you live, you may need to stay overnight, especially because in Ohio you must receive mandatory counseling at the clinic 24 hours prior to your abortion procedure.

Emotional costs

In discussions about abortion, many people often fail to take into consideration the emotional side effects of abortion. How an abortion impacts women varies, and the emotions involved can be wide-ranging. 

Abortion promises to be a quick fix, and the procedure itself is not very long. However, many women live with the emotional aftermath for years, unsure how to handle the many emotions they feel as a result.

It is important to factor in the emotional costs before scheduling an abortion as emotional responses can cause the physical recovery to take longer. Some women never fully work through their abortions.

While you cannot know for sure how you will react to your abortion, be sure to carefully think through how you feel about the abortion prior to the procedure and be honest with yourself about how you might handle it. 

Know that there are other options if you feel the abortion will take a bigger toll than you are willing to pay. Meeting with a professional may be helpful for you to discuss all your options to ensure you are fully informed regarding your options so you can make the decision that best suits your situation.

Relational costs

Finally, there are relational costs associated with an abortion. Is a partner involved in the pregnancy? Is he on board with the decision to abort? 

Although ultimately the decision is yours to make, think through the impact an abortion will have on your relationship. Count the costs to see if it is one you are willing to pay.

Most people do not think about the impact an abortion will have on future relationships, but this is also an important aspect of the abortion to keep in mind. Some women struggle to bond with future children because of unresolved emotions surrounding their abortion.

It is also easy to isolate after an abortion, especially if you react to it differently than anticipated. However, people need relationships more than ever when they are hurting, so it is important to have someone to confide in, especially if the experience is traumatic. 

If you feel like you are isolating yourself, please reach out. If do not have anyone in your life you feel comfortable processing your abortion and the resulting emotions with, please reach out to your local pregnancy resource center. We are able to sit down with you in a safe, confidential environment to help you sort through any emotions you may be experiencing after an abortion and give you additional resources .

Remember, the financial costs involved in an abortion are important to consider and budget for. However, the other costs involved are just as important to think through and can be much more long-lasting than the finances needed for an abortion.