Pregnancy Care and Abortion

Considering an abortion? Did you know pregnancy care is still important for your health? While you are making a decision about your unexpected pregnancy, it is important to keep yourself healthy. Below are three important tips to consider to keep you healthy during your unexpected pregnancy and abortion procedure.  

Women’s Health and Pregnancy Care

Prenatal care, or pregnancy care, is not just for women who are going to carry their pregnancy to term. It involves care of both the pregnancy and the pregnant woman – and that’s you! Seeing a licensed provider is important for your health and safety. Scheduling an appointment for prenatal care with a doctor before your abortion procedure is an important step to make sure you are in the best of health. Before most scheduled medical procedures, doctors see patients to evaluate them and make sure they are healthy and prepared for their procedure. Keep your health in the forefront of your decision and schedule an appointment with a medical provider before your abortion procedure. 


During your prenatal care before your abortion procedure, it is important to discuss testing options with your doctor. Testing for sexually transmitted infections (also known as sexually transmitted diseases) is crucial before your abortion procedure. If you have any concerns that you may have an STI/STD or if you have signs or symptoms of an STI/STD, talk with your provider about testing and treatment. Schedule an appointment with your local pregnancy resource center. They can discuss with you the importance of STI/STD testing and potential implications of having an abortion procedure with an untreated STI/STD. 


Talk with a provider about taking prenatal vitamins as part of your pregnancy care. While you are pregnant, the pregnancy will use all the nutrients it needs. This could potentially leave you depleted of your nutrient stores. Even though you are planning on terminating your pregnancy, the pregnancy will still use nutrients while it is growing. Discussing prenatal vitamins and supplements with your provider during pregnancy care can help keep you healthy.   

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