Abortion Laws

Abortion Laws

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be worried about your state’s abortion laws and if you are able to have an abortion. And that’s okay! It is important to know that you do not have to make an abortion decision immediately after taking a pregnancy test. Perhaps you have been googling answers to your questions and it all seems overwhelming. It is!

Each state has their own abortion laws about how late into your pregnancy you can have an abortion. These laws will affect how much time you have to make a decision for your unplanned pregnancy. Depending on how far along you are, you may have weeks or months to choose an abortion option and set up a procedure. It is important that you feel empowered, not rushed, in making the best decision for you.  Below are four steps you can take to feel empowered in the choice you make for your unplanned pregnancy.

1.) Make an appointment

Your first step could be a pre-abortion screening appointment. During this appointment, the staff will be able to determine how far along your pregnancy is and discuss with you the abortion laws in your state. Sometimes the scariest part can be picking up the phone to schedule an appointment. The staff waiting on the other end of the line know this can be a stressful and unknown experience for you! They want to help ease your mind and get you the answers you need.

Some centers offer options to call, text or email to schedule an appointment. You can even fill out a form online and someone will get back to you. When you contact them to schedule an appointment, they will provide you with all the information you will need for your appointment. They will discuss what a pre-abortion screening appointment is like, what you can expect, and what you can prepare for. The caring staff will also be able to answer any questions you may have.

The staff will also tell you how to prepare for you appointment. Usually they will ask you to bring photo ID with you, if you have it. They may also ask you to arrive with a full bladder so that they can perform a urine pregnancy test. You can also ask if you can bring someone with you to the appointment. You may want to bring a trusted friend, or the father of the baby with you so that you both have all the information you need.

2.) Learn about your state abortion laws

At your pre-abortion screening appointment, the staff may offer you a limited ultrasound to confirm viability and see how far along your pregnancy is. Some abortion options are only offered during a certain stage of pregnancy. Having a limited ultrasound is important because it will date your pregnancy so you know can which abortion options are available to you.

The staff at your local pregnancy resource center will be knowledgeable about the state abortion laws in your area. They will be able to explain those laws to you so that you understand what abortion options you can choose from. After your pre-abortion screening appointment, you will know how much time you have to consider your abortion options and alternatives based on your state’s abortion laws.

3.) Learn about your options

During your pre-abortion screening appointment, a registered nurse will take time to discuss your abortion options with you. The nurse will go over the three types of abortions. Additionally, the nurse will discuss each abortion procedure, risks, and the side effects. She will also discuss what to expect after your abortion and how to take care of yourself.

It is important to know that you can take as much time as you need to make your decision. You do not have to make a final decision while you are at your pre-abortion screening appointment unless you feel you are ready to make your choice. You may want to go home and take some time to think through your options. Or you may know while you are at your appointment what procedure you would like. It is your choice and at any point in your decision making process, you can decide you would or would not like an abortion.

Abortion is a life long decision. Taking time to understand all your options and your decision may give you peace of mind. Talking with trained staff at your pre-abortion screening appointment will offer you the opportunity to empower yourself as you make the best decision for you and your situation!

4.) Learn about abortion alternatives

Many people faced with an unplanned pregnancy do not feel ready to carry their pregnancy to term and have a baby. At the same time, many people do not feel ready to have an abortion. That’s okay! You can take time to look at all your options and make a plan that works for you! If you do not feel ready to have an abortion or have a baby, you can talk with someone about creating an adoption plan. Talking with a trained professional about your options can give you confidence in your final decision. There are many resources available for you to gather information about adoption.

Brave Love

Brave Love is an organization that acknowledges birth moms for their brave choice. They exist to create honest, informative and hopeful communication about adoption. On their website they share stories from birth moms, birth parents, adoptive families, and individuals who have been adopted to show the positive experience birth moms can have while making an adoption plan. They also have a reputable list of adoption agencies and attorneys who provide quality care and professional services to birth parents before, during, and after placement.

Lifetime Adoption

Lifetime Adoption is an adoption agency that specializes in assisting and supporting birth parents searching for qualified loving adoptive families. They are available twenty four hours a day and are known for their caring and genuine concern for expectant mothers before and after adoption. Their staff are knowledgeable in support you may be eligible for including medical, legal, public aid, housing referrals, food pantry’s, maternity clothing, and educational programs. After delivery and placement, Lifetime Adoption will continue assisting you with follow up care. Lifetime Adoption also has a free app that can be downloaded on your phone as an easy way to browse their information.

Local Support

Your local pregnancy resource center can also be a great resource for you if you are interested in learning more about adoption. The staff will have information for you about local and national adoption agencies. They will even work with you to help you get in contact with someone at an adoption agency and help you start a conversation with them, if you would like.

Just because you want to learn more does not mean you are committed to an adoption plan. Reaching out for information does not commit you to a decision. You can always change your mind! Depending on when you change your mind and what your state laws are, abortion could still be an option for you.

4.) Reach out about abortion laws

The women at your local pregnancy resource center are available for you to help you understand all your options. Everyone deserves to have as much information as they need to make an informed decision. The staff at your local center are trained and ready to help you. They work with women every day who are facing unplanned pregnancies. They are here to help you, not judge you.

All your information at your appointment is kept confidential. They want you to be empowered and supported in the decision you make for your life. You are not alone. Many other women experience unplanned pregnancies.


It is your choice! And it is important to know that you do not have to make an abortion decision immediately after taking a pregnancy test. Remember, abortion is a lifetime decision. Going to an appointment and learning about your options may seem like a daunting task, however, the staff at your local pregnancy resource center want what is best for you. They are available to help make this process as easy as possible for you.

Learning about your state abortion laws can give you the opportunity to know how much time you have to make your decision. Reaching out is the first step! They are ready to help you!